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Poll: Is Cuba a Rogue or a U.S. Fall Guy?

¿Y tú? ¿Como la vez?
News happens fast. You read it, you react. What do you think? Breaking news is in the column on the right—an archive of recent but important stories starts below. Check out the stories, then follow the links to the Discussion forums to see what others think and to post your comments for others to see and respond to as well. And you? What do you think?

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    Havana Online... Oct 10 2001
    Castro Angers Argentina With Comments On Economy... CNN Europe Oct10 2001
  Former Members of CANF Regroup... The Miami Herald Oct10 2001
    Cuba Forced to Sell Technology... The Miami Herald Oct 10 2001
The Culture Link: From History to Humor to Literary Works, Websites Offer Access to All Things Cuban... Miami Herald Oct 6 2001
Cuba Recalls Own Terror, Resents Place on U.S. Terrorism List.. FL Times Union Oct 5 2001
  Exiles Seek Castro Indictment in Belgium... Washington Post Oct 32001
    Website Aims To Temper Hardline Views On Cuba... The Miami Herald Oct 1 2001
  Immigration: Cuba Under New Scrutiny... The Miami Herald Oct 2 2001
  Spy Betrayed Agents to Cuba, Officials Say... New York Times Sep 23 2001
    Cuba's Core for Biological Warfare: CIGB... Revista Guaracabuya Sep 18 2001
    Patterns of Global Terrorism... U.S. State Department Report 1999
    Cuba Rallies Against Terrorism, Backs U.S.... Savannah Morning News Sep 16 2001
    Cuba Expresses Sympathy for Terrorist Attack.... Florida Times Union Sep 15 2001
    Emilio: Convenient Target.... Miami
New Times Sep 13 2001
    Miami Promotors Inviting Cuban Performer....
Naples Daily News Sep 12 2001
    Statements Made by the Government of Cuba...
Cuban Gov't Press Release Sep 11 2001
Cuba Invites U.S. Anti-Drug Agency to Regional Forum... Reuters September 10, 2001
    The Policy That Time Has Passed By...
Los Angeles Times Sun Sept 7 2001
  Questions & Answers: Cuban Vacation... Sun Sep 7 2001
    Increase Efforts With Cuba... Sun Sep 2 2001
   Canada Opposes Crackdown on Cuban Visitors...
National Post Online Sat Sep 1 2001
 Heir To Cuban Exile Leader is Finding His Own Voice...
Naples Daily News Sun Sep 2 2001
    Estefans to Skip Latin Grammys After Miami Move...
Houston Chronicle Sat Sep 1 2001
    Latin Grammys "Betrayed" by Miami...
Los Angeles Times Fri Aug 31 2001
    Will Elian be used as Propaganda for U.N. Event? Capitol Hill Blue Sat Sep 1 2001
    FBI: 2 More Members of Cuban Spy Ring Arrested in Miami...
Naples Daily News Sep 1 2001
    Net Spreading Views, Raising Cash in Honduras... Houston Chronicle Sat Sep 1 2001
    Cuba Seeks Third World Challenge to Patent Rules...
Lake House Mar 25 2001
    Cuba's Ordered to Pay Spys Ex-wife $20 Million... CNN Sat Mar 24 2001
    Kavan Struggles After Remarks On Cuba Snactions... Prague Fri Mar 23 2001
    Russia To Sign Trade Protocol with Cuba... Global Sources Fri Mar 23 2001

    Castro Declassifys Bay of Pig Records...
Tampa Tribune Fri Mar 23 2001
    Why Cuba Is Not On The "A" List...
National Post Online Tue Mar 20 2001
Castro: Cuba Will Sell Its Own Bacardi Rum... USA Today Tue Mar 20 2001
Trip to Cuba Smashes Stereotypes... Idaho Statesman Sun Mar 18 2001
Cuba To Make Cheaper AIDS Drug... Daily Dispatch Tue Mar 20 2001
Czechs Met With Cuban Dissidents to Offer Hope... Mar 20 2001

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